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Sarasota Kitchen Refacing Overview

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If you have been thinking of getting that kitchen makeover you've always dreamed about, Kitchens Xtreme is here to help Sarasota Florida area homeowners.


Simply click on some of the videos in the right hand column and you will hear some of our kitchen refacing customers just like yourself describing how "Randy Baxter" of Kitchens Xtreme has the knowledge, experience and professionalism to deliver kitchen designs with the top quality craftsmanship that you deserve in your new kitchen. Please don't forget to browse our "Before and After" pictures to see some of the kitchens that we have transformed for our clients.

Let's cover the three terms often used when considering hiring a kitchen remodeler in Sarasota Fl
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing :
Refacing is an appealing way to gain a custom look, as though it were done by a professional kitchen designer, yet at an affordable price. If you are satisfied with your existing layout but want a new style, this may be your best option. Kitchens Xtreme will reface your exterior cabinet boxes and replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. By refacing your existing cabinets the kitchen you envision in your mind can quickly be brought to life without the expense of all new boxes. Refacing the cabinets and installing new doors  with european hardware will give your kitchen a whole new look.  Many clients feel as though they've moved into a new home without packing a single box! If you are satisfied with your existing cabinet layout and want a new style without spending a lot of money, consider cabinet refacing. Refacing is a remodeling job that gives you a custom look at an affordable price. It involves covering the exterior surfaces of your cabinets with laminate thermofoil or wood veneer, then new doors and drawer fronts are installed. When you reface cabinets, there is less mess, no damage to your walls and floors and hardly any disruption to your kitchen use.
We are proud to announce that we now offer the finest in countertops to complete your kitchen renovation.  Whether you would like Granite, Dupont Corian, Wilsonart HD Laminate, Silestone, Cesarstone or Zodiak we can accomodate any taste!
Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing :
Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is another way to get that " New Kitchen " feel for less than the cost of all new cabinets. This process involves removing the old surface and applying laminate or veneers. This can dramatically enhance the appearance of your current cabinets. This process can be accomplished on manufactured cabinets or cabinetry made from man-made materials. You can choose solid colors or a veneer such as the popular wood-grained patterned veneers that give the illusion of real custom wood cabinets.
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing :

Professional Kitchen cabinet refinishing involves re-painting or re-staining cabinets, doors and drawer fronts making it a labor intensive project and potentially an expensive investment compared to refacing the cabinets. Homeowners who have refinished wood furniture have an idea of what this process involves. First the cabinets must be stripped of their old finish by sanding or using a paint stripper, then the cabinet surfaces, doors and drawer fronts must be sanded. This helps remove the minor imperfections and allows for a smoother finish. Lastly, paint or stain is applied to the cabinets. This type of project can take much longer and be significantly more costly than the other two options. We recommend refacing your cabinets to save time and money!
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